The Process for building a rolling chassis - no motor or gearbox

CAD Engineered

We CAD a concept in either Solidworks or Fusion. This ensure all components are perfectly suited for both manufacture and assembly. Combining different models also allows for the optimisation of suspension geometry, a crucial consideration in off-road racing.

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FEA testing

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool used to analyze how a design reacts under real-world conditions. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) helps to eliminate weak points, improve stiffness and optimise suspension travel.

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Innovative features

From the start it was planned to make the MK1 chassis as simple as possible for a customer to build their own buggy. We’ve incorporated innovative features such as male/female connections on some tube notching - this ensure accurate assembly and spacing every time.

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Numbered tubes

Laser etched and numbered tubes, in conjunction with the detailed assembly models and interactive build guide ensures that the process for assembly is as simple as it possibly can be. Access 365/24/7 through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Full size frame jig

Ensuring the chassis is dimensionally accurate and straight is critical. Misalignment will create handling issues and compromise the integrity of the suspension design. We have designed a full size, self-assembly modularised component jig.

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Fibreglass Panels

Concept to final production of the MK1 panel design was done in-house utilizing fiberglass. Fiberglass panels offer the benefits of consistent high build quality, lightweight performance and generally a superior fit and finish over aluminum panels.

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Race legal design

An off-road racing vehicle needs to meet the requirements of a sanctioning body which provides event organisation, liability insurance, and the rules under which to race. The MK1 chassis has been designed to comply with most major bodies.

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Suspension options

The front suspension consists of double A-arm design. The arms are available as either a tubed arm, or a full boxed arm. The uprights are designed for a 2" Hollow Bolt-On Spindle. The rear consists of a three link trailing arm and these are available as either tubed or boxed.

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Why Choose Us

Revrange Components combines years of race experience with handmade off-road design, then utilising the latest cad software, CNC engineering, metal cutting, 3D printing and premium materials we produce world class Australian and US built products.

The mantra of Revrange components is form and function - does it look good and most importantly does it do it’s job well, and, if it does than it can proudly wear the Revrange tag.