Tub anchor points - TAP

Tub anchor points - TAP

The major issue with a tub is the difficulty in tying something down. If the tub does have any sort of tie down point these are usually towards the bottom which means that you need to reach in under your load to try and strap above it.

The Revrange tie down points (RTDP) allows you to easy tie any load from above. Available with two different load strains and 2 different sizes they are suitable for any tub or tray back ute.

• Multi purpose tie down anchoring system with pre-drilled mounting holes
• Two different sizes - 800mm & 1200mm
• Top mount - Lashing capacity of 450kg (900kg breaking strain)
• Side mount - Lashing capacity of 300kg (600kg breaking strain)

Suitable for virtually any tubbed or tray backed ute.



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