Rear trailing arms

Can-am X3

Rear trailing arms

The factory rear arms are designed for a powersports vehicle, they are not designed to take the constant abuse that an Australian off-road race will give them. Virtually every team is welding strengthening plates and gussets with varying levels of success. The RevRange trailing arms are a complete re-design to address the most common issues, twisting across the arm, the shock mounting points and the rear radius mounts. Using an internal rib and hi-tensile steel we have developed an arm which will absorb 8 times the lateral load of the standard arm all whilst maintaining stock geometry, stock mounting positions and only weighing an extra 3kg per arm.

• Laser Cut construction for precise fit and finish
• Available as either Tig or Mig Welded components
• Provide an increase of 5cm in ground clearance
• 100% Bolt-on installation using factory mounting points
• Driveline/suspension angles stay the same as factory
• ¾” uni-ball joint
• Welded to exceed AS1554 standard
  • Colours
Priced per pair:

$2200 (Mig welded) or $3200 (Tig welded)