2022 Pro-light Australian off road championship

Pro-light class is a 1 or 2 seater buggy with a normally aspirated (up to) 3500cc engine

Components Specification
Wheelbase 119"
Track Width 86" or depending on hub and wheel combinations: 84"
Front Suspension 23" - Fox Racing shocks: 2.0 x 10" Coil overs with 3.0 x 14" bypass
Rear Suspension 21" - Fox Racing shocks: 2.5 x 16" Coil overs with 3.0 x 18" bypass
Engine VQ35 built by Ron Milton competition engines
Engine management Link G4X Storm + 7" dash
Transmission Albins AGB 6 speed sequential
Steering Howe 2.5" Rack and Pinion Steering with Full Power Assist
Hubs Tatum Motorsport
Brakes Front: Tatum 4 Piston Racing Calipers Rear: Tatum 6 Piston Racing Calipers
Wheels/Tyres 15" Method race wheels and BFG'S
Interior Momo steering, Tilton brake pedals, Velo seats and harnesses, rugged communication system