The front suspension is 100% CAD engineered, this ensures all components are perfectly matched.

Dynamic suspension analysis is used to accurately calculate suspension geometry across camber and caster variations, toe angles, Ackermann geometry , proper flow of forces from chassis to ground, bump steer, and shock absorber characteristics.

The front-end design has a full 22” of travel across the upward and downward articulation. There is the option of eithor boxed or tubed upper and lower arms.

Revrange Front suspension components

Upper and lower arms + uprights

All pricing shown is in USD

The arms are manufactured from 1.5” x 0.102” (38.1mm x 2.6mm) 350G CDW Tube which is subjected to the Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) process after manufacturing, this strengthens it through cold working. The end result is a strong and lightweight tube ideal for suspension component manufacturing.

The Revrange rear arms are manufactured out of 3mm steel plate, they provide extra strength with pieces for internal gusseting, ribbing keyed tabs, and doublers.  These also include a full-length top plate for extra stability and strength.

The spindle design is crucial for optimum off-road suspension travel and handling. Its design also needs to be strong enough to withstand the extreme forces that are exerted upon it. The Revrange spindle is manufactured from 350 grade 5mm and 10mm plate - if you bend this you’ve had a serious incident and the spindle will be the least of your problems.

Suspension or alignment jigs are designed to hold and position suspension arms or upright spindles accurately during various stages of assembly, inspection and/or repair processes. Our jigs are all designed to use our innovative positioning peg system which enables the one jig to build both the left and right side suspension components - there is a separate jig for the upper arm, lower arm, spindles, and rear arms. Using these jigs helps maintain the desired geometry and alignment, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

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